Week 12: UX Meetings

18 to 22 May 2015

Hi everyone,

I was very lucky this week as I could assist to 3 different UX meetings, and that made me understand better how it works and why. At leas I hope I did!

One meeting was about a small recruiting website for a company based in Malaysia, another one for the creation of an aesthetic clinic website and the other one was for a huge recruiting agency in Bangkok.

When a potential client contact you the first thing to do is have a meeting or speak over email to find out what he wants. Then send him the rough quote. If he accepts the deal you can send him a full contract. Once signed, you can go on with the UX meetings. 

What is UX design would you ask me? If I well understood it is kind of the concept that tries to describe the benefits and feel of a user (this is called experience) when he is using a product, service or a system. The most courageous or curious can read this article.

These meeting help us to understand what the client wants for is website, but mostly what users he is trying to reach. We really have to get what are these peoples, what they are looking for. If so, they will go to your website, and stay there.

We have to think about what they want to see, what they don’t want to see, and create a “CTA” -> call to action. That means that they should have to do something when they are looking to one of your pages: contact you, take an appointment, etc.

Here is an example of what these brain storming can look:


What I really enjoy about the web design is that you can meet extremely different people and you will always learn something new about anything:


It might not be something you did not know before but I just learned that you can have your fat removed from a part in your body and taken to another place of your choice, thanks to aesthetic surgery!!

Of course the first thing we asked was “can we give our fat as a donation for someone that need it?” – it was a totaly selfless thought – but the answer is no. Pfffff

We also had a PHP course and we had to create a contact and booking form. It is incredible to see how these weird codes can somehow become something usefull and nice on a web page!

That weird thing:


Becomes this!


One of the interns finished is internship today, Natt 😦

We hope to see him again very soon and wish him all the best!



Have a lovely week everyone and talk to you soon!



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